Flow Computer Introduction

The SFC3000 is far more than just a dedicated flow computer. It can operate on a number of levels from a supervisory machine to a standalone flow computer or as a system component. With its touch screen, VGA display and extensive processing capabilities, combined with simple to use controls and unique operating software it can function as a complete station supervisor integrated into a flow computer housing.

Designed specifically to meet the needs of the world wide liquid hydro - carbon and gas measurement markets, the SFC3000 is intended to positively contribute to both management and conservation of the world’s dwindling energy resources by providing both versatile and accurate measurement and incorporating state of the art designs and components.

Ex~i Flow Measurement’s SFC3000 Flow Computer was developed using the latest manufacturing techniques to offer a flexible and customer-oriented capacity whilst maintaining high levels of quality. Individual electronic circuit boards and assemblies are handled as completed components and are fully tested and programmed prior to storage. This means that spare parts are usually available from stock. All units are assembled to order, and soak tested for at least 2 weeks.

We normally keep sufficient components to manufacture 100 machines at any one time and our facilities give us the capacity for at least 75 SFC3000 Flow Computers per month. In 2019, more than 500 units were manufactured, tested and delivered to our clients.

Flow Computer Technology

  • Multiple 32-bit μProcessors
  • Surface Mount technology and Multi-layer circuit boards
  • Colour Full VGA 5.7” touch screen display
  • 360° Navigation control
  • Expandable SD card memory
  • Multiple high-speed Ethernet connections: Web enabled - Modbus over TCP I/P (optional board required)
  • Front Panel high speed USB connection
  • Simple to use Windows® based configuration software

Flow Computer Capability

  • The versatile Stream I/O Board versions fit all measurement application types and supports the use of standard meters such as Ultrasonic, Turbine, Orifice and Coriolis.
  • Each Stream I/O Card provides the complete capability for a single stream fiscal flow measurement with redundant inputs and a two-stream capability for non-fiscal applications.
  • Up to 5 I/O cards can be fitted in the SFC3000 chassis providing a 5-stream fiscal capability.
  • As well as a high speed 32-bit central microprocessor unit to perform all the display and calculation tasks, the SFC3000 has individual high-speed 32-bit processors on each plug-in card to perform the measurement, communication and input/output functions.
  • The SFC3000 maintains the highest accuracy and uses double precision (64 Bit) floating point numbers throughout for all calculations. It also boasts an impressive true half second cycle time.
  • Local configuration and data downloading are achieved using the supplied Windows® software, through the dedicated front panel high speed USB communication port.
  • Remote communication is via the communication card or Dual Ethernet card, with RS232/485 serial capability and Ethernet 10/100 connectivity. Multiple communication cards can be installed.

For more information on the optional boards see the optional boards section here, or request a manual/brochure via the downloads page here.

Flow Computer Functionality

Measurement conforming to AGA, ISO, API standards of:

  • Dry and Wet Natural Gas
  • Hydrocarbon Liquids
  • Other Gases e.g. Nitrogen
  • Other Liquids e.g. Water
  • Using Meter types:
    • Pulse generating flow meters
    • Most common Ultrasonic flow meters
    • DP transmitters with Orifice or Venturi measurements

Flow Computer Features

Standalone flow computing function

  • Flow Computing combined with supervisory function
  • Up to 2 G-byte additional memory for Alarm, Audit and Data Logging, optional SD card required.
  • Configurable Display:
    • System diagrams
    • Trending and graphical displays
    • Language options
  • Interfaces to most types of metering equipment and all popular GC’s
  • Easy Installation and interfacing

Flow Computer Supervisory Features

  • Alarm/Event/Data Logging and Recording
  • Printer Report Generation
  • System Diagram Display
  • Network Communication
  • Station Controller Functions
  • Valve Control and Remote Operation
  • Maintenance Functions
  • Stream Summation
  • PID/Sampler Functions

Flow Computer Specification


  • Industry Standard Half Width 3U High 19” construction
  • Panel or Chassis mount
  • Dimensions H x W x D = 130 x 210 x 240 mm
  • Weight approximately 2.0 Kg / 4.5 Lbs.
  • Accommodates up to 6 User plug-in cards
  • Up to five measurement streams in same chassis
  • Mixture of metering types in same chassis

Power Supply

  • Supply voltage 24 +/- 10% DC 30W 3.15A fuse
  • Auxiliary Outputs 24V 500mA


  • Approval Operating Temperature Ranges
  • -10°C to 55°C (15°F to 130°F) Analogue Inputs
  • -25°C to 55°C (-15°F to 130°F) Hart® Inputs
  • Storage Temperature
  • -20°C to 70°C (0°F to 160°F)
  • Operating Humidity to 90% Non-Condensing
  • Environmental Classes M2/E2

SFC3000 Flow Computer

  • High Resolution 5.7” VGA Colour Screen with Touch Panel
  • 360° Rotary Control for Menu Navigation
  • High Brightness Indicator LED’s
  • Front Panel USB connection
  • Configuration and programming
  • Local Data Downloading and Diagnostics

SFC3000 Flow Computer rear

  • Field Connections PSU, I/O and communication
  • Security Mode switches and SD Memory Card (optional)


MID 2004/22/EC Gas Meter Conversion Devices

  • EN12405-1:2005

MID WELMEC 8.8 Liquids other than water

  • OIML R117-1:2007

EMC Directive 2004/104/EC

LVD Directive 2006/95/EC

  • EN61010-1:2001(2nd Edition)


Turbine/Rotary/Positive Displacement

  • High & Low Frequency pulses
  • Encoder type

Ultrasonic Meter

  • Pulse Counting type
  • Serial Communication interface

Differential Pressure Measurement

  • Orifice, Venturi, V Cone

Coriolis Meter


Dry and Wet Natural Gas

  • ISO 5167, AGA 3, EN12213-2 (AGA 8), AGA 10
  • ISO 6976, PTZ, NX19, EN12213-3(SGERG)
  • Measured Density

Other Gases

  • Nitrogen, Steam, CO2 Emission Calculations


  • API 11.2.1, API 11.2.2
  • API 54A, ASTM D1250 54, API 12 :2004
  • GPA TR25, GPA TR27 24E, 54E, 60E, OIML R022
  • Multiple Products


  • Bi-Directional and Uni-Directional Ball Provers
  • Small Volume Provers
  • Master Meter
  • Dual Chronometry

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