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Customised flow measurement solutions for the oil and gas industry

Customised flow measurement solutions for the oil and gas industry

The flow measurement needs of the oil and gas industry are many and varied. Flow computer design must be responsive to these needs if it is to support the industry in all possible applications. While a fully bespoke flow computer would be costly, Ex~i Flow supports powerful, cost-effective solutions using option boards and flexible software design.

The SFC3000 flow computer and flow computer optional boards cover the vast majority of possible applications. Most requests can be added as a special design for a specific customer or in the latest version if there is a feature or function required. It is the combination of these option boards that provide the ideal solution for each customer’s application.

The questions we will ask

When a new or existing client approaches us for a flow computer, we consult with that client on their requirements. Configurability is essential if our SFC3000 flow computer is going to support a client towards a solution. From different digital stream boards to communication boards and dual network boards, we can meet most needs.

When asking us for a quotation for your flow computer, we will ask you a series of questions to help us meet your needs.

First, we will want to know what meter type you need, whether it is a frequency or serial. Then, what kind of pressure and temperature sensors, HART, 4-20mA or PRT? How many streams do you require in your flow computer? Do you need digital and/ or 40-20mA outputs? What about density and other outputs? Do you need serial and ethernet connections to printers, GC, supervisions or DCS systems? Finally, if you measure oil, do you need us to include provers to act as an automated system calibrating on-site flowmeters?

The many combinations of answers to these questions allow our engineers to customise the flow computer to best serve your requirements. If there are other questions you ask us, we have the expertise to offer the answers requested.

And there is more

The customisation of your flow computer goes beyond the hardware covered so far. The software within the computer can also be configured to gather the data required and action this data if needed. Such is the degree of choice here; it is essential the client and our engineers must explore this on a case-by-case basis.

The flow computer can work from a supervisory machine or as a standalone flow component, or a system component. All SFC3000 flow computers have extensive processing capabilities with simple to use controls, but what those capabilities and controls are can be decided for each client.

Why is this important?

For a flow computer to offer value for money, it needs to deliver accuracy, efficiency, and effectiveness for its assigned roles. Working with a company that can provide flexibility in design, with units assembled to order, a client always gets what works well for them.

If you would like to discuss working with Ex~i Flow to create your best flow computer, specifically designed to meet your needs, then contact us today to learn more.