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New Book Explains Methodology and Importance of ISO 5167

In the UK, researchers estimate that £25 billion of natural gas is metered using an orifice plate. Vital decisions are made based on this data so it is essential that it is accurate.  The international standard, ISO 5167, ensures consistency in equipment and calculations to improve the accuracy of these measurements. Now, in new book, Dr Michael Reader-Harris of flow measurement consultancy NEL, part of the UK measurement infrastructure responsible for the management of the UK National Standard for Flow Measurement, gives operators a greater understanding of the physics and research that underpins the standard.

Analysis of experimental data

In 'Orifice Plates and Venturi tubes’ (Springer, 2015), Dr Reader-Harris gives an in-depth analysis of the experimental data used to create ISO 5167.  He breaks down the data to show the physics and computational fluid dynamics that justify each clause.  According to the publisher, “This book helps users of the ISO standards for orifice plates and Venturi tubes to understand the reasons why the standards are as they are, to apply them effectively, and to understand the consequences of deviations from the standards.”  It also allows fellow researchers to build on this work to improve the accuracy of natural gas flow rate measurements and optimise operations in the future.

Dr Reader-Harris himself is now applying his findings to create a new set of standards for multiphase flow measurements.  The ISO has accepted his proposal to begin a programme of research in collaboration with other experts from around the world.  Dr Reader-Harris will be project manager of this endeavour.  NEL states that “As part of a pan-European research project, NEL is working with other leading multiphase test facilities and National Measurement Institutes to address uncertainties in multiphase flow metering.”  Ongoing work by Dr Reader-Harris and his colleagues will take away this uncertainty and improve the quality of the vital data being gathered.

As demonstrated by the existence of standards like ISO 5167 and the research still being conducted to improve the efficacy of measuring flow rate, it is vital to have the best equipment to carry out this testing. Ex~i Flow is one of the few British manufacturers to supply the oil and gas industry with such equipment.   To find out how we can help improve the accuracy of your flow rate measurements call 01243 554920.