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Our 5000th SFC3000 has been shipped!

Ex~i Flow Measurement has worked from its state-of-the-art facilities in Ford, near Arundel in West Sussex since 2007. The team has a combined experience of 60 years in the oil and gas engineering sector.

David and Carey Ward, the company directors, have worked for 30+ years, bringing all the experience needed to deliver the best measurement design at the most cost-effective value for our industry.

It is with great pride that the team at Ex~i Flow Measurement Ltd announces the shipment of the 5000th SFC3000 – the dedicated flow computer. The SFC3000 will be your supervisory machine or your stand-alone flow computer or a system component. It will be used to meet your liquid hydrocarbon and gas measurement needs, as it does across the globe for many of the major global suppliers.

This flagship product was launched in October 2008 after extensive development, customer evaluation and testing and formal metrological and CE approval. With almost 500 flow computers delivered each year, more than one a day, Ex~i Flow is delighted to celebrate this significant achievement – our 5000th shipment!

What is SFC3000?

This mass flow controller offers accurate and fast control over gas flows over a wide range. The digitally calibrated and temperature compensated sensor signal offers stability and repeatability. It is also possible for different gas types and control ranges to be calibrated and switched using this flow computer software.

Companies across the globe use the SFC3000 as an analytical tool, as well as a means of managing industrial process automation.

The SFC3000 features

The SFC3000 has a touch screen, VGA display, as well as extensive processing capabilities. The controls have been designed to be simple to use, with unique operating software. Your SFC3000 could function as your complete station supervisor integrated into a flow computer housing.

You have many options with your SFC3000. You could have a 19-inch chassis. There is the option for Certonal FC-742 surface modifier fluorochemical polymer coating for all boards. You can have I/O cables made to order, as well as I/O and communication connection break out modules.

Why so many companies have chosen the SFC3000

The shipment of the 5000th SFC3000 flow computer is a significant achievement for the company. It is the symbolic moment to mark what the company has known for a long time, that the SFC3000 is essential to any successful companies in the hydrocarbon and gas measurement sector.

The SFC3000 is unsurpassed sensor technology, combining precision with speed. More than anything, the SFC3000 is flexible and adaptable. This industry is fast-paced and ever-evolving. When the SFC3000 was conceived, it was designed to accommodate changes and the need for constant updates. It began life as a tool for measuring natural gas. However, its capabilities were quickly extended for measurement of most types of gas. We then moved to include the capacity to measure liquids and prover products. It is this evolution that continues to make the SFC3000 our flagship product.

As other companies manufacture products that need to work with our computer, Ex~i Flow ensures your SFC3000 continues to work with other chromatographs or transmitters. We continually add communication drivers and interfaces so that work can continue without interruption. We strive to adapt our offer so that it meets the diverse needs of our customers.

Such is our confidence in the SFC3000; we look forward to announcing the 10,000th shipment in the coming years.

Ex~i Flow Measurement specialises in products for the gas and liquid measurement industry – manufacturing, researching and developing with a focus on continuous project development and enhancement. To speak to us about how we can help you, call +44 (0)1243 554920 or contact us here.