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The importance of accurate flow measurement

The importance of accurate flow measurement

When you are in the business of effectively growing a company, you need to be assured that you are making the most of your resources. Accurate flow measurement is all about avoiding the waste of the core materials and making sure the correct amount is charged at the other end.

In short, accurate measurement of inputs and outputs allows for careful monitoring of efficiency. Yet, the role of accurate flow measurement is even more critical in a world that is under financial and environmental pressure. Here we explore why the correct flow measurement can maximise the world’s resources.

Maximising profitability through flow measurement

Any investment in technology has to be justified with a return on the investment. A purchase of a flow computer should be considered an asset acquisition instead of capital spending. Why? The flow computer will monitor the inputs and outputs of your systems. What resources go in and what money is created with these processes – all tracked. On a simple level, the flow computer informs the operator how much to invoice clients.

It is more than just counting the profits. The flow computer can supervise the efficiency of the process, alerting the professionals to potential problems before they impact productivity. Shutdowns due to mechanical problems can cost a fortune, so any preventative measure will return on investment in short order.

Reducing environmental impact

Mechanical and structural failure, especially in industry sectors such as oil and gas, can also have a significant environmental impact. Not only can such failures be costly in terms of clean up, but they can also adversely impact a company’s reputation. Sensitivity about the environment and the dangers of climate changes are such that such reputational damage could be highly damaging to a company.

The flow computer can also help you to measure your carbon capture. There is a push to carbon neutrality with stringent targets set by the UK government. The UK is looking to lead the world, reducing carbon emissions by 78% by 2035, which is now enshrined in law. A flow computer can accurately allow companies to measure the capture of this carbon, which is then not emitted into the climate.

Meeting regulations

For sectors such as oil and gas, it is not unusual to be ruled by stringent regulation. The OGA regulates the exploration and development of the UK’s onshore and offshore oil and gas resources in the UK. The OGA also regulates offshore carbon storage, offshore gas storage and offshore gas unloading activities.

The OGA will hold companies to the legislation laid out in the Petroleum Act 1998, the Infrastructure Act 2015, Energy Act 2016 and the Energy Act 2011. From the resolution of disputes, through to the application of sanctions, requests for information from the OGA can be stressful – as can requests from any regulatory body. Therefore, the peace of mind from relying on accurate flow measurement means the data is always close at hand.

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