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Accurate Gas Measurement using the SFC3000 Flow Computer

Accurate Gas Measurement using the SFC3000 Flow Computer

There are many reasons why the accurate measurement of gas is essential to those working in the oil and gas sector. From safety to efficiency, using a flow computer to keep a check on operations is vital. With its multiple 32 bit processors throughout the system, the SFC3000 Flow Computer offers companies the capacity to run up to five streams and supervisory functions in one computer.

Here we explore in more detail the essential role of accurate flow measurement.


If you work with gas, then you are likely working in a hostile and hazardous location. You rely on your equipment to let you know if there are issues and offer you the opportunity to manage this risk.

Consider the management of gas flaring. Flare stacks are used for the burning off of flammable gas that is released by pressure relief valves, should there be an unplanned over-pressuring of plant equipment. Without constant monitoring of the pressures and a set protocol for the use of flare stacks, there would be a significant build-up of pressure and a real danger of explosion.

With the fast main processor of the SFC3000 Flow Computer, there is the opportunity for calculations up to four times a second. Depending on your chosen calculation and number of streams, the pressures can be calculated multiple times a second, giving you consistent peace of mind.


Imagine the cost of a full mechanical shutdown. For several weeks, your gas installation comes to a stop due to equipment failure. Using frequency measurement from 25Mhz, the SFC3000 Flow Computer can quickly identify any equipment working at suboptimal levels and give you a chance to design a programme of ongoing maintenance.

Then, for delivery to customers, the need for accurate measurements could mean the difference in millions of dollars each year. A flow measurement error of 0.02% could result in a continual loss over days, weeks and months, amounting to a significant loss of profits. Therefore, throughout the SFC3000 Flow Computer, the powerful processors allow for reliability and consistency, meaning you can deliver gas with the confidence that you are maximising your profits.

The Takeaway

Flow Computers are in continuous use in a gas installation, and you need a flow computer that offers reliability and assured accuracy. The SFC3000 sits within the infrastructure and manages gas flow control.

While the Ex-i Flow team is mostly concerned with natural gas, oil, and LPG, the SFC3000 can be used to measure anything that flows through a pipe. You may have water, steam or exhaust gas running through pipes and a flow computer will help you monitor and control flow. With a bespoke design, using the appropriate measurement equipment and equations, this flow computer could bring efficiency and safety to your extraction, production and delivery.

If you would like to discuss the Ex~i Flow SFC3000 Flow Computer and how it can offer you accurate gas measurement, contact us today.