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The many uses for a flow computer

The many uses for a flow computer

Whether it is gas measurement or liquid flow measurement, a flow computer is the brain of a system that monitors the efficiency and effectiveness of your business practices. There is a general understanding that a flow computer will only benefit those industries that run massive plants. Here we explore the many uses for a flow computer.

What is the flow computer?

A flow computer is part of a larger system. As the flow meters sense the flow of gas or liquid, the computer takes these raw signals, interprets them and turns them into readable measurements. Typically, a flow computer is commonly used with meters such as turbine, vortex, positive displacement, and many other specialist meters. Yet, most types of meter will require a flow computer for local information display, data communication, logging, and more.

Who would benefit from the use of a flow computer?

Such computers are more often used in larger systems such as oil refineries for fuel flow measurement or to assess natural gas flow measurement.

A flow computer can be designed and calibrated for the analysis of anything that can flow through a pipe. If it is a liquid or a gas, then a flow computer can provide analytics to improve safety, efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

There is much benefit to be gleaned for those running smaller systems who could benefit from the constant stream of data outputs. For instance, a flow computer at a water and wastewater treatment plant could monitor the movement of fluid through different parts of the treatment process. Equally, a company in beverage production, such as a brewery, could benefit from the data outputs, not least accurately calculating the amount of alcohol delivered to customers.

It is likely that flow computers will play a significant part in the future of energy, as hydrogen flow measurement could be essential when keeping out lights on.

Exi Flow’s SFC3000

The SFC3000 was designed specifically for the requirements of the liquid hydrocarbon and gas measurement markets. Our flow computer is intended to make a positive contribution to the management and conservation of dwindling resources.

Yet, it was also developed using the latest manufacturing techniques, offering a flexible and customer-orientated application of its functionality. Therefore, although designed to be part of the solution to a potential energy crisis, the SFC3000 can be used by many industries.

You might only need a standalone flow computer to oversee a simple process within a small industrial outlet. The touchscreen, VGA display and extensive processing capabilities are simple to use and do not necessarily require the level of qualifications of a petrochemical engineer.

It can equally act as a supervisory machine overseeing a complete system or as a mere system component within a much larger complex.

Using state of the art design and components, the SFC3000 simply delivers versatile and accurate measurements.

Ex~i Flow expertise in flow measurement has been poured into the invention and evolution of the SFC 3000. Contact us today to learn more about it could help in your industry.