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Mk2 Option Boards for SFC3000

Due to the ever-changing silicon market, we have needed to redesign the SFC3000 option boards. Each option board has a “Mk2” version - functionally the same from the outside of the flow computer, but uses an ARM processor to replace the Motorola. Alongside this revised processor, some of peripheral components have also been changed, either to replace older legacy parts, or to improve measurement accuracy and temperature stability.

Replacement/upgrade chart for option boards:


3000-304 Digital IO


3000-314 Digital IO

3000-306 Analogue IO

3000-316 Analogue IO

3000-307 Switch IO

3000-317 Switch IO

3000-308 Dual Ethernet

3000-318 Dual Ethernet

3000-309 Digital IO 2

3000-319 Digital IO 2

You will notice the 3000-305 communication board has not been reproduced as 3000-315. This is because, way back in the mists of time, when the original set of option boards where designed, a dual ethernet capable processor was not available, coming sometime later. Since its introduction, more functionality was available in the 3000-308 dual ethernet board, which has also been more popular, thus rendering a Mk2 version of the 300-305 Communication Board redundant.

The Mk2 option boards can be retrofitted into existing installations, with an update to the main firmware. V0.50.x.x or greater is required to provide compatibility. Configurations can easily be updated as well by ticking the check box for each board that has changed.

If you have any questions, or require more information, please contact us.